Here at Little Gems I strive to give your dogs the best experience at a reasonable price

Wash and Dry

Get your dog looking and smelling fresh with a wash, dry and a finishing spritz.

£10 - £20 Depending on coat


Puppy Groom (4-8 months old)

This package is perfect for getting your puppies used to being handled and groomed as well as getting them used to the different noises of a grooming salon.

Includes: Wash, dry, brush, nail trim & file and a finishing spritz



Suitable for all breeds and coat types. Is useful as a regular service for long haired dogs that are prone to knots and tangles.

Includes: a General check over, brush and a finishing spritz

£10 - £20 Depending on coat


For the knots and tangles that have got out of hand and have formed matts in the dogs coat, this service may have to be carried out before going ahead with other groom packages.  This is done on a case by case, all prices will be agreed before hand to avoid any unexpected costs.

Paw Care Package

Includes: Nails trimmed & filed, paw & pad tidy and paw

wax applied.


Full Groom (2-5 hours)

Includes: Wash (2 X shampoo, dry, Brush, trim or clip, nail trim, ear cleaning and a finishing spritz.

(Prices are a guide only and will depend on breed and coat condition please enquire for more details)

Small                     £20 - £25

Medium                £25 - £35

Large                     £35 - £45

X-Large                 £45 - £70

Nail Trimming          £5

Paw & Pad Tidy        £5

Pad Wax                     £3

Ear Cleaning              £5

Teeth Cleaning         £5

Tear stain removal  £3

Use as a single treatment or add to any groom package